Our School and Community

Our School

Strath Haven High School and the greater Wallingford-Swarthmore community are what make ABC Strath Haven such a special program. Scholars attend Strath Haven High School, and the program is supported by community volunteers and their families. 

Check out the links below for more information on the school and surrounding community.


2020 Black History Assembly

This assembly was produced and performed by members of the Young Activist Coalition (YAC). Our Scholars Elia and Chisom both played major roles on stage and behind the scenes, and Elia is a founding member of YAC.

Silver Guide

Complete information regarding the curricular program at Strath Haven

Sports Teams

A complete listing of Strath Haven Athletic Teams

Clubs & Activities

A listing of student clubs & activities at SHHS. Many are listed, but there are likely many more to choose from!

Haven Marching Band (full band) & Haven Marching Band in the news

Our marching band is the largest high school marching band in the state of Pennsylvania and the second-largest in the nation. Over one-third of our student body participates and our music faculty is always eager for students new to instrumental music to join.

Our Community

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Swarthmore in the Fall

This short video gives an aerial view of Swarthmore College campus in the fall. The campus is (literally) in our backyard. You can see Sharples Dining Hall where Scholars can eat on the weekend (0:33), and catch a glimpse of the house (far-left of screen, 1:33-36.) Scholars also have full access to the College library and athletic facilities (fitness center/swimming pool)